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We assume if you are reading this site that you're a cyclist of style and class. Maybe you're even a cyclist with some aptitude and skill but these two are definitely optional as looking good is the only prerequisite for the Black Sheep. If YOU look the part then your bikes gotta look good too right? Damn right it has!!

We don't care how grotty the weather is -  you finish a ride and give the steed some TLC before attending to your own aching limbs. To give our bikes the best there is we turn to Purple Harry products to give that all over aura of love and sparkliness. Top man at CyCLISM, Andre is our supplier for  these ridiulously effective products that he knows how to get the best from.

Call him for top cleaning tips as he's got the knack(and gear) for making bikes look good as new. Amongst our flock Scott has always been Numero Uno for fettling and cleaning. His bikes always look spick and span. He goes the extra mile - I've even seen him take dental floss to the springs on his derailleurs to really get an all over clean! Maybe!!

Anyway - Andre once got hold of Scott's freshly cleaned steed and only gave him 8 out of 10. Then Andre spent the next 30 minutes giving it a 'proper clean'. Impressive and well worth it when you see him.

PS - The mitts are especially ace!