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Eleven Sprocket

For many of us when faced with the fact we cannot find the product we want we'll usually do without or settle for the next best thing. The same cannot be said for Chris and Matt at Eleven Sprocket.

Having raced bikes and fettled with them over many years they got to a stage where they were making their own wheels from off the shelf components. Whilst satisfying in itself to get a decent finished wheel they were always making compromises and decided they needed to do better. So they got on their bikes (possibly), travelled the world (definitely!) until they found the right manufacturer to help deliver their vision. Thus Eleven Sprocket was born. Hub first. Ouch!!

The Sheep are not that teccy (or at least the one writing this isn't. Sorry Mental) but we think these wheels are chuffin ace. Whilst that qualifies as a ringing endorsement it's probably a little low on facts for making a considered purchase. The great news here is that not only do they have great wheel, Matt and Chris are top blokes who'll always make time to fill you in on the finer details.

There's also a rumour that they are opening a 'showroom' shortly, although since this is on a favourite training route of the Sprocket boys we suspect this is just a bolt hole for when the weather turns inclement. Given that they live in the shade of the Penines that's just about everyday.

Their website is a good place to start but for a proper insight give em a bell (01226 211526) Just don't ask them who makes the lightest bike frame in the world!