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No such thing as bad weather

It’s been a bit chilly lately. There was a period of about four weeks where we never rode in temperatures above freezing. The cold, Easterly wind made us all to dig out and wear every item of warm cycling clothing we possess, sometimes all at the same time. I always feel that when you can't bend your limbs, you may be wearing too much.

I have one item that always features: my Showers Pass Softshell Trainer. It has the fit of a jersey and the protection of a jacket. Snug enough not to flap in the breeze but roomy enough to allow for two lightweight layers beneath. Its long tail protects my backside without recourse to rubbery bits and the neck zips high, with no zip-related discomfort. And it’s warm, waterproof and not too sweaty.  Lately I've worn it with a long sleeve merino base and felt no cold at -2C at a standstill. 

I bought it for about £120 a couple of years ago. Petty good value given the service it's given me thus far. I like Showers Pass stuff. It's really well thought out and as a brand, it seems not to be about to disappear up its own arse like some of the fancy fixie too-cool-for-school start-ups that dominate the Portland scene. We're happy to call Showers Pass a friend of the Black Sheep.