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Rosa mung thorns
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  • The most difficult Grand Tour, say the cognoscenti, is the pink one. We agree, not that we’ve done it, but the heady combination of 50-degree temperature swings between stages, massive vertical and horizontal distances and unpredictable Italian - er - everything, is neatly summed up in our own Maglia Rosa enhanced by the Black Sheep cog and tricolore script.

  • All Black Sheep tees are made from fairly traded cotton. This means that the good people who grow it, pick it and package it for us are paid a decent wage. This is important to us, and we keep on top of it so we know we can look you in the eye and say we're doing our bit.

    Our dyes and inks are also ethically sourced, closer to home than our cotton. The tees themselves are finished in Coalville, just up the road from where we live. Not because we're control freaks (though we are) but because we believe that keeping things local is a sound ecological idea.

    You're slim, lithe, athletic and carrying minimum excess up the Alps or the road to the paper shop on a Sunday morning. You're a grimpeur, a climber, you eat the Stelvio for breakfast. Click here for measurements.

    You're fast, heavily muscled, hitting 60km/h on the road or in your head as you roar past the 100m marker or the 30mph sign at the edge of the village. You're a sprinteur, and Les Champs Elysees are yours. Click here for measurements.

    Our Ewes' tees are cut for women, not too slim and not too fat. Perfect, in fact, for the lady cyclist of today who is, well, not too slim and not too fat. Perfect. Click here for measurements.

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