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Slip into something more comfortable

There’s nothing like a multi-day event to reveal character. And dress sense. I’ve just finished a second L2P, HotChillee’s three-day stage race on closed roads between London and Paris, attracting 500 riders spread across six ability groups. It’s a fair sprinkling of two-wheeled humanity and a captive research universe for the sartorially inquisitive Black Sheep Tees team.

Here’s what we found:

Group 1.
Average speed 33km/h over 520km. Lean, mean, aggressive, young. 98% male. Post-race wear dominated by compression tights and old cycling event tees. 

Group 2.
Average speed 29km/h. Broader, more interesting mix of corporate types and low-ego enthusiasts. 75% male. More social, relaxed. Baggy shorts, humorous tees and polos.

Group 3.
Average speed 27km/h. All shapes and sizes of MAMIL and MAFIL. Older, a collection of individuals; few friendship groups. Co-ordinated separates and proper shoes or new trainers.

Group 4.
Average speed 25km/h. Loudest, most sociable group least likely to wear athletic apparel or, seemingly, to give any consideration to clothing at all despite being 40% female.

Group 5.
Average speed 24km/h. Home to generally larger types of both sexes who are becoming fitter and enjoying life. This group wore co-ordinating outfits each evening with very few tees.

Group 6.
Average speed 22km/h. 50% female. Alarmingly high incidence of leisure-wear but also widest selection of colour-matched designer brands in very large sizes.

So where in all of this is the Black Sheep customer? You tell us. Which group are you in?